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Custom Metal Work

Copper & Roofing Supply is a roofing supply warehouse that specializes in the fabrication of various metals into roofing and gutter supplies and accessories. We fabricate anything from  step flashings,  leader head and vents to rain gutters, downspouts and lineal roofing metal to fit your home and business needs.  Our in-house machinery allows us to offer 5" & 6" half-round rain gutters in reverse curl, traditional, and k-style gutters. Our 3" round downspout and elbow machines also allows us to do custom off-sets. Our plasma cutting table helps us to create and build most anything from leaderheads, roof jacks, to your custom drawings. Our Santa Barbara warehouse has the craftsmanships, experience and tools to help you with your sheet metal and roofing supply needs. 

Have a design or picture? Or need one of our staff to help with your design? Not a problem! If it can be designed, it can be built!

Contact us to get started on your next project

for your home or business today! 

We Can Fabricate:

Chimney Caps, Dormer Vents, Dryer Vents, Half Round Vents, Diato Flashing, Counter Flashing,  Leader Heads, Saddles, Scuppers, Shrouds, Eyebrows, Mitres, Endcaps, Panels,

+ More!

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